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If you are owner of a business’ shop or a website and you want to reach targeted audience and customers. Then you are in right place.. I can offer you video advertisement for your products’ business or anything you want to advertise in my videos…

My videos are getting more then 100 thousands (120000) views per day on YouTube.. And my health & beauty channel has more then 78,000 subscribers with 110,000 video views per day and my Arshadskitchen channel has  more then 12,000 subscribers with more then 10000 video views per day.

If you are located in these countries or you want to advertise in these countries then my channels are best place to advertise for you…

My main audience:

(1) Saudi Arabia

(2) India

(3) United Arab Emirates

(4) Pakistan

(5) United Kingdom

(6) United States

(7) Kuwait

(8) Oman

(9) Bahrain

(10) Qatar

(11) Germany

(12) Canada

You can advertise if you have:

(1) A Shop (Pansar’ Clothing’ Grocery’ Electronics’ Restaurant’ Hotel’ College’ Cafe or any other business in anywhere in the world)..

(2) Products (Herbal Medicines (Only from registered companies’ Drinks’ Food related products’ Health and Fitness related products’ Electronics’ Sports products or anything else)…

(3) Websites (Not adult websites)

(4) Unboxing (I can do unboxing and review for any of your product)..

(5) If your business or product is not listed then contact me for more details..

How i will advertise your services?

I will tell about your product or business for 30 seconds in start of my video.. You can pay for one video or you can buy space in more then 1 videos..

For more details please send me email at


Arshad Abbas

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